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By taking over the Likov Liberec factory, we are successfully following on a 40-year tradition of manufacturing convectors.

LICON convectors are sold in more than 25 countries in Europe and Asia, with more than half of total sales attributed to exports.

What next??? 

We will continue improving our products using the most up-to-date technologies and all our experience and knowledge gathered during 55 years of convector production.


Among our latest innovations is the introduction of heat recovery units, marking a significant expansion of our product portfolio. These units offer sustainable solutions for enhancing air quality and optimizing energy utilization in buildings.


Convectors achieve high efficiency even at low temperature gradients and are ideal for heating buildings where the heat source is a heat pump, solar system or condensing boiler.


In 2022, the KORALINE free-standing convectors portfolio was significantly expanded to include new types, focusing on safety, design and high performance.


An innovative new generation of trench heaters with natural and forced convection was introduced. There was a significant expansion in the range of trench heaters.


2018 saw the launch of a new generation of freestanding convectors. The product portfolio was expanded with particular emphasis on design.


In 2013, LICON was acquired by KORADO, marking a milestone in the company’s development. This resulted in expansion of the product range.


In early 2009, the Company moved to a new modern factory in the industrial zone Sever in Liberec. Presently, the manufacturing facility has 2,400 m2 of production area and 1,000 m2 of storage area. The new premises are not only perfectly designed for the manufacture of high quality, modern and functional convectors, but also duly represent the Company with their modern design, internal layout and good accessibility. Thanks to this, we have all the necessary requisites for further development and Company growth.

milník 2004

The company underwent a comprehensive transformation in 2004. LICON HEAT s.r.o. replaced the former LIKOV. The product range was revolutionized with the introduction of new heat exchanger technology, together with a new business export strategy.


1995 saw significant modernisation of our product portfolio, including the production of our first trench heaters, satisfying a demand for design-based solutions.

Unikontherm 1

The first LIKOV steel convectors were manufactured in Liberec in 1968. They were marketed under the UNIKONTHERM brand and immediately gained recognition on the heating market.

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