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KORALINE Optimal-V  LVO 15/23

The KORALINE Optimal-V LVO Height 150 mm, Width 230 mm  range of free-standing convectors is equipped with a specially designed Al/Cu heat exchanger and a set of low-energy, high-performance fans with minimal power consumption to ensure that the convectors achieve high efficiency even at low temperature gradients. This type of convector is thus ideal for buildings with low temperature systems such as heat pumps, solar systems, condensing boilers etc. The convectors can be controlled via BMS and due to their immediate response to changes in room temperature, very quiet operation and low surface temperature, they are suitable for use in family homes, apartment buildings and public areas.

Heat Pump

Height [mm] 150 mm
Width [mm] 230 mm
Length [mm] 900, 1 200, 1 600, 2 000, 2 400, 2 800 mm
Output [W] from 261 to 6 061 W
Heat exchanger height  [mm] 50  mm
Heat exchanger width  [mm] 150 mm
Heat exchanger effective length [mm] L-260 mm
Fan impeller diameter   40 mm
Max. operating pressure [MPa] 1,2 MPa
Max. operating temperature [°C] 90 °C
Surface temperature  [°C] 40 °CAccording to inlet water temperature
Connection thread 2× G 1/2" inner
Connection method lower only
ΔT = 50 °C Length [mm] Temperature exponent
Switch position 900 1200 1600 2000 2400 2800
230 150 Off 313 460 655 851 1046 1242 1
230 150 1 1183 1738 2477 3216 3956 4695 1
230 150 2 1508 2215 3158 4100 5043 5986 1
230 150 3 1833 2692 3837 4982 6128 7273 1

 Convector composition KORALINE Optimal-V LVO

KORALINE Optimal-V LVO-rozklad-vcetne-cisel_2

Standard contents

logo HPS

1 silver elox aluminium grille
galvanized steel RAL 9016 white casing
3 Al/Cu low-water volume heat exchan., bleed valve, uniquely shaped fins for max. heat output
4 set of low-energy EC 24 V DC quiet operation fans 
5 fan supports
6 floor-level brackets
7 transport stopper and bracket mount
connection terminals and FCR-BOX electronic regulator

* assembly instructions and durable packaging


Optional accessories

9 floor-level bracket casing
10 elbow or straight lockshield
10 elbow or straight thermostatic valve

* further RAL lacquers for casings available
*TEP 24 thermoelectric actuator
*SIEMENS RDG 260T, RDG 260KN or RAB21DC room thermostat
*QAA32 room temperature sensor
*NTC temperature sensor 
*DC voltage supply
* R-Box  


Optional accessories - Floor-level bracket casing  NEW

New Floor-level bracket casing optional accessoryfloor-level bracket casings are designed to cover connections and the edges of floor-level brackets, and must be ordered in pairs.

Zakrytování zakytování půl LV

 picto info KORALINE free-standing convectors with wooden top are supplied with floor-level brackets. Other mounting options (sub-floor brackets, wall-mounting) are not available.

KORALINE Optimal-V LVO height 150 mm, width 230 mm                                                                                                                       

logo HPSLVO_15_23 LVO_15_23_půdorys

ASSEMBLY AND MOUNTING - (valid for all sizes)

Insert the fan bar into the bracket to establish the spacing for anchoring the bracket to the floor. The heat exchanger is then placed on the bracket and connected to the heating system. The heat exchangers must be bled. The fan sits on the fan support and is connected to the FCR Box. The final step is to install the aluminium grille and attach it by screwing it to the brackets. The grille is removable for easy cleaning. Please refer to the installation instructions for more detailed information.

LVO_montáž  L = Convector length Ld = L – 307 mm (for convectors up to 2 800 mm in length)

picto info   For KORALINE Optimal-V LVO over 2 000 mm in length, we recommend the use of a central bracket for increased stability.                              logo HPS


Example order code: LvO-200/15/23-V1SA1-10-RT

KORALINE Optimal-V LVO free-standing convector with fan, Length 200 cm, Height 15 cm, Width 23 cm, Steel casing white RAL 9016, Aluminium silver elox grille, non-lacquered heat exchanger.




  Length/Height/Width (cm)  



Heat exchanger









Casing colour

(RAL colour chart)




LVO - 200/15/23 - V 1 S A 1 - 10 - RT







1- without colour

5- black RAL 9005




1-silver elox 


10 - RAL 9016

39 - RAL 9005

** Colour chart Licon 
99 other RAL colour


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