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LEAFLET Product portfolio 2022 (12,66 MB) Catalogue KORAWALL 2022 (8,0 MB) 
Catalogue Innovations 2022 Catalogue KORAWALL WVO, WVP
Catalogue KORALINE 2022  (22,4 MB) Catalogue KORAFLEX 2022 (41,1MB)
E_KORALINE_2022  EN-KORAFLEX technical catalogue 2020
Catalogue KORABASE - Heat exchangers (8,70 MB) Catalogue KORAWALL, KORASPACE  2022 (6,54 MB)
Catalogue KORABASE_2018 EN_Katalog_KORAWALL_KORASPACE_2022
News-KORAFLEX-2022  (621 kB)    


Assembly instructions KORALINE LK 2,66 MB KORAFLEX - INNOVATION 2020 
Installation template KORALINE LK 695 kB Assembly instructions KORAFLEX - FKO,FKT,FKB, FVO  3,94 MB
LICON - Assembly instructions OLOC 5,32 MB Assembly instructions KORAFLEX - Pool 6,25 MB
LICON - Assembly instructions KORALINE LD 4,30 MB Assembly instructions KORAFLEX - F2V, F4V 4,42 MB
LICON - Assembly instructions OKN, OKNB 8,49 MB Assembly instructions KORAFLEX - FVE 3,50 MB
LICON - Assembly instructions OKIOC_new 3,61 MB Assembly instructions KORAFLEX PM  1,64 MB
LICON - Assembly instructions KORABASE 2,29 MB Assembly instructions REGULATION 24 VDC 1,82 MB
LICON - Assembly instructions KORASPACE FK 5,60 MB Setting instructions for SIEMENS RDG 160T thermostat 660 kB



Enquiry form for production of specific convector, floor grid

Note: 1. Download the form into your computer

           2. Fill in the form and save it.

           3. Send the form on our email :

Informace 12-V convector regulation - termination of sale
Starting from March 2020 we terminate production and

sale of 12-V convector regulation. This type of regulation can by fully replaced by 24-V version.
This regulation is safe and fulfills  all requirements and functions  our convectors demand.
Thank you for your understanding.

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