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KORAWALL OKN wall-mounted convectors are standard wall-mounted convectors with a long history, used in households as well as in commercial premises. Modern design, easy installation and economical operation are some of the reasons why they are so popular with our customers. The unique design of our heat exchangers achieves higher outputs even with small dimensions of the element. Low surface temperature of 40 °C and no heat dissipation into the wall are great advantages of KORAWALL OKN wall-mounted convectors.

PLAN model – a design solution with a perfectly flat front panel.

Variante Economic OKN

 zinc galvanised steel casing painted in RAL 9016 - white
Variante OKN PLAN   flat front panel,  zinc galvanised steel casing painted in RAL 9016 - white
Height (mm) 450, 600  mm
Depth (mm) 60, 120 mm
Length (mm) 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 mm
Heat output (W) from 266 to 2598
Max. working pressure (MPa) 1,2
Max. working temperature 90° C
Surface temperature 40° C According to inlet water temperature
Connecting thread inner G 1/2“
Connection method recommended bottom connection, side
ΔT = 50 °C Length [mm] Temperature exponent
400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000
450 60 266 399 532 665 798 931 1064 1197 1330 1,3
450 120 451 676 902 1127 1352 1578 1803 2029 2254 1,3
600 60 291 436 582 727 872 1018 1163 1309 1454 1,3
600 120 519 779 1038 1298 1558 1817 2077 2336 2596 1,3

Standard contents

  • KORAWALL OKN - casing in zinc galvanised steel sheet coated in RAL 9016 - white
  • KORAWALL OKN Plan – PLAN with perfectly flat front panelOKN

Standard delivery contains

• casing made of galvanized RAL 9016 white lacquered steel
• AI/Cu heat exchanger with low water content, bleed valve and uniquely shaped fins for higher heat output
• bottom or side connection (according to the order code)
• installation set for fixing the convector to the wall – dowels, screws and suspension brackets
• durable packaging, installation instructions



• other RAL colour chart lacquers available. Please consult with our staff prior to ordering.
• thermostatic valve and other regulation accessories


Side connection                                                       Depth 6 cm   Depth 12 cm          
WK B/6 WK B/12
Bottom connection                                                Depth 6 cm                                             Depth 12 cm        
WK S/6 WK S/12

KORAWALL OKN convectors are available with right or left connections. The required connection side must be specified in the order. Measurements shown in mm.


Design solutions
KORAWALL OKN wall-mounted convectors display a significant design element on their front panel, repeated on longer convectors. A single pattern appears on lengths from 40 to 120 cm,
two patterns on lengths of 140 to 180 cm and three patterns on models 200 cm in length. 



Anchoring diagram


Installation instructions
We recommend installing the wall-mounted convectors on perimeter walls, 100 mm above the floor. The convectors are delivered completely assembled and should be fixed to the wall using the installation set provided. Please see the anchoring plan. For further details, please refer to the Assembly instructions enclosed with each unit.

LICON - Assembly instruction OKN, OKNBAssembly instruction OKN


Example order code: OKN-140/60/6-SP

KORAWALL OKN convector, length 140 cm, height 60 cm, width 6 cm, bottom connection on the right side.


wall-mounted convectors

  Length/Height/Width (cm)  

Connection side

Casing design

OKN - 140/60/6 - SP  





SP bottom, right
SL bottom, left
BP side, right
BL side, left

PLAN for Plan design

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