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The new KORAFLEX 2020 generation of trench heaters


We are proud to announce the launch of our new portfolio of trench heaters. The entire portfolio, from size to output, has been reworked. Standard production now enables us to satisfy ever-increasing complexity of design requests from our customers.

Extensive and intense developments in ideal construction and technological procedures of this new range have enabled us to optimize heat output. Trench heaters with forced convection have seen a 40% increase in heat output, in addition to reduced noise levels and electricity consumption. On average, trench heaters with natural convection maintain the levels achieved thus far. A substantial increase in the number of standard dimensions enables us to provide flexible and efficient project solutions, and in so doing we can now offer one of the widest ranges on the market.

With a depth of only 60mm, the KORAFLEX Thin model can be installed in the shallowest of floors in modern buildings. Improved regulation together with powerful 24V DC fans ensure safe operation and guarantee declared heat outputs, measured in compliance with the latest EN 16430 standard. The new KORAFLEX Energy model is available with alternative 230V AC connections directly into the trench heater.
The range of grilles has been extended to include lacquered steel grilles with increased load-bearing capacity and improved safety. Wooden grilles have undergone structural modifications to increase durability.
A comprehensive new modular system facilitates quick and practical solutions to projects containing complex elements of design. Our new technical catalogue provides detailed information presented in a clear and user-friendly layout.

Detailed information on our new, extended range of KORAFLEX trench heaters can be found in our technical catalogue. Further information is also available to download at [link].

Full details of all KORAFEX products will be published on our web pages soon.

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