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Licon products: Operational and Maintenance Conditions:


  1. These Operational and Maintenance Conditions apply to all persons involved in the installation or commissioning of convection heaters manufactured by LICON HEAT s.r.o., (hereinafter referred to as “LICON”); in addition to all other professionals working with convection heaters, and to end users or operators.
  2. LICON convection heaters are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology in compliance with all recognised safety regulations. Where LICON products are not installed professionally, the heating system is not verified by a pressure test and/or commissioned in accordance with LICON installation instructions, or not used for the specified purpose, personal injury, equipment damage or other material damage may occur.
  3. Convection heaters and other LICON products are designed exclusively for indoor use. Use in dry environments where increased air humidity is not anticipated and no other corrosive substances are present. In particular, residential and non-residential interiors, office buildings, halls, public centres, production areas. As regards the use in humid environments where the presence of increased air humidity, the presence of water or the presence of chemical substances and compounds is assumed, ie., swimming pools, conservatories, botanical gardens, greenhouses, bathrooms, wellness centres, thermal baths, outdoor storage areas, such use is authorised solely where the specific type and design of the convection heater is clearly indicated by the manufacturer. Convection heaters may be used solely where the manufacturer explicitly indicates for the specific type and design of the convector.
  4. Any application other than that stated in paragraph 3 shall be considered to be contrary to the specified purpose. Any damage occurring as a result shall be the exclusive responsibility of the user.
  5. Installation of LICON convection heaters requires professional heating, cooling or ventilation expertise, depending on the type of convection heater installed. Electrical convector components must be properly assembled, connected, installed, pressure tested, and operated in accordance with the installation instructions. Electrical components may only be installed by a person with appropriate electrical qualifications in accordance with applicable regulations. Connections must comply with the relevant standards in accordance with applicable regulations. Under no circumstances shall LICON be held liable for damage resulting from non-professional installation.
  6. Storage conditions for LICON products:
    - LICON products must be stored in a dry environment with maximum air humidity of 55%;
    - LICON products must be stored in a temperature range of 5 – 45°C.
  7. General operational conditions:
    - With respect to the purpose of using convection heaters in interiors, the conditions of handling and storage of the convection heaters prior to their installation must be adapted to this purpose;
    - During installation, construction works and subsequent use, convection heaters must be protected against damage and external or internal contamination by building materials, dust, paints, etc.;
    - Convection heaters must not be operated in an aggressive atmospheric environments (chlorine, ammonia, corrosive substances, other chemicals, etc.) or be cleaned with such substances;
    - Convection heaters are designed for interior hot-water heating systems with a maximum operating pressure of 1.2 MPa and operating temperatures from 5°C to 110°C;
    - Convection heaters operate on the principle of convection. For correct operation it must be ensured that the air intake and exhaust air flow openings remain unobstructed.
    - With the exception of convection heaters specifically designed for humid environments, prolonged exposure to moisture or direct contact of convection heater components with damp objects must be avoided.
    - Where chemical cleaning is carried out, concentrated chemicals must not come into contact with LICON products.
  8. Wooden grille operating conditions:'
    - The point loads of the wooden grilles correspond to the wooden grille load capacity chart in the catalogue;
    - Wooden grilles must be protected from the effects of humid environments or water;
    - Wooden grilles must be used in dry environments. Optimum values are 55 ± 10% relative humidity at 20 ± 3°C;
    - At relative humidity levels outside the limits specified, wooden slats become hygroscopic, in which case LICON does not guarantee the dimensional stability of the grilles used.
    - Wooden grilles must not be installed in completed buildings where the air humidity exceeds 65%.
  9. Operational conditions for bench convectors with wooden bench tops
    - To preserve the properties of the wooden bench top, we recommend regular treatment with oil
    - Do not use oak and beech wooden bench tops in humid environments.
    - When using American walnut bench tops in humid environments, use a towel or other protective layer when sitting on the bench. Direct contact of the wooden bench top with skin may cause changes to the surface of the bench top.
  10. Operational conditions for AISA 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel products:
    type AISI 304 is suitable only for dry environments
    - Stainless steel is only resistant to a certain concentration of chlorine. At a concentration of 2 mg/litre, corrosion may already occur. In addition, the occurrence of corrosion is influenced by the length of time the stainless steel material is exposed to elevated concentrations of chlorine. We recommend a maximum free chlorine concentration of 1 mg/l;
    - Correct water pH must be from 7.2 - 7.6. Any change, especially a decrease in pH, causes water aggressiveness and results in corrosion of stainless steel materials;
    - Dissolved salt deposited on the surface of stainless steel prevents oxygen from reaching this surface and also prevents the formation of a passive layer and its regeneration. Electrolysis of table salt (NaCl) causes irreversible damage to all stainless steel materials in the pool;
    - Stainless steel products must be washed regularly with clean water and then dried;
    - If the surface of the stainless steel product exhibits signs of calcium deposits or oxidation, the surface of the product must be cleaned with a stainless steel cleaner, washed with lukewarm water, dried and preserved with a stainless steel metal treatment product, objects must be avoided.
    - Where chemical cleaning is carried out, concentrated chemicals must not come into contact with LICON products.
    - Protect stainless steel products against salts, dust and dirt.
  11. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure proper function and performance of LICON convection heaters. Maintenance of LICON convection heaters must be carried out in accordance with the installation instructions and these Operational and Maintenance Terms and Conditions.
  12. The general maintenance terms and conditions are as follows:
    - Heat exchangers and fans must be checked regularly and kept clean. In the event of contamination or soiling they must be cleaned in a suitable manner (eg. vacuumed gently);
    - For convection heaters fitted with condensate drains, the drainage of the condensate must be checked at least once a year by a practical test
    - For convection heaters supplied by LICON, including valves, a visual inspection of valve seals must be carried out once a year;
    - LICON products are subject to regular inspections according to applicable regulations.
  13. LICON reserves the right to alter and amend the contents of these Operational and Maintenance Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Warranty Terms and Conditions for LICON Products:

  1. LICON HEAT s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as “LICON”) provides a warranty subject to compliance with the conditions set out below by the purchasers:
    - 2 years from the date of sale, but no longer than 3 years from the date of manufacture
    - 10 years for heat exchanger integrity from the date of manufacture
    The warranty period begins on the date of taxable transaction indicated on the LICON invoice whereby the goods were delivered to the contractual customer or end user, or on the date of manufacture indicated on the barcode of the product. Repair or replacement does not affect the above warranty periods.
  2.  LICON reserves the right to address claims made solely by contractual partners.
  3. This warranty only applies to appliances and spare parts. LICON reserves the right to choose between repair and replacement of defective appliances or spare part(s) with an equivalent appliance or spare part(s).
  4. The purchaser is obliged to check the condition of the product at the time of receipt from the seller. In the event of damage or incompleteness of the goods, the purchaser is obliged to notify LICON within 3 days of receipt of the goods.
  5. The purchaser is obliged to follow the rules contained in the accompanying installation instructions and generally accepted rules during installation and operation of the product. The warranty is valid solely if the appliance(s) are correctly assembled, connected, installed, pressure-tested in the heating system, and operated in accordance with the Operational and Maintenance Terms and Conditions of LICON products. Electrical components may only be installed by a person with the appropriate electrical qualifications in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Electrical connections must comply with the relevant applicable standards.
  6. The seller is liable for any defects in the goods upon receipt, and for defects covered by the warranty, and for defects that occur during the warranty period. The seller is not liable for defects for which a discount has been granted and which were brought to the purchaser’s attention at the time of sale.
  7. Upon receipt of the goods by the purchaser from the carrier, the purchaser is obliged to check the condition of the goods being received. In the event of damage to the product or its packaging, a record of this fact must be made on the delivery note. Without this record of damage, it will not be possible to claim for transport damage.
  8. The complaints procedure will only be initiated after all required data has been entered into the web application at:
    Documentation can also be delivered electronically by e-mail (
    Required information:
    All fields in the claim form must be completed, including the description of the defect at:
    Once the complaint procedure has been initiated, LICON reserves the right to recall the claimed goods. Upon request, these goods must be sent properly labelled and packaged so that they are not damaged by improper handling or transport. The goods shall be sent to the address of the company's premises:
    LICON HEAT s.r.o.
    Průmyslová zóna Sever,
    Svárovská 699,
    463 03 Stráž and Nisou
  9. If, due to a defect in the product, damage occurs to items other than the defective goods, this must be reported to LICON immediately, however no later than within five working days after the discovery of the defect. The complaints procedure will only be initiated after all required data has been entered into the web application at:
    Documents can also be delivered electronically by e-mail (
    Required documents:
    All fields in the claim form must be completed, including the description at:
    In particular:
    - The number of the invoice or delivery note number accompanying the goods delivered to the contractual customer.
    - Photographic documentation
    - A copy of the invoice or a qualified estimate of the value of damage caused
    - The reference number of the insurance claim and the contact details of the insurance company, if the damage has been reported to the insurance company by the claimant.
  10. LICON reserves the right not to accept a claim if:
    - the claimed goods have been delivered to the company's registered office without the necessary documents referred to in paragraph 8,
    - the damage or incompleteness of the delivery was notified more than three working days after the delivery was received,
    - the claimed products have been operated or maintained in violation of LICON's terms and conditions of operation and maintenance,
    - unauthorised tampering with the product,
    - defects resulting from transport, improper storage in a humid or aggressive environment, careless handling, intentional damage or defects resulting from a natural disaster,
    - the product has been operated in an aggressive atmospheric environment (chlorine, ammonia, corrosives, etc.) or the product has been cleaned with such substances,
    - the claimed units have been operated using industrial water, steam, chemicals, water with a higher oxygen content, in an empty state or have been regularly drained (the quality and quantity of water in the system must comply with VDI 2035-1 and -2),
    - the fault was caused by limescale build-up,
    - the fault was caused by incorrect installation, incorrect electrical connection, incorrect pressure setting in the heating system, freezing of the heat transfer medium or any other means not directly related to the LICON product,
    - the claimed surface (appearance) defect is on products already installed,
    - improper equipment has been fitted to the goods complained of,
    - the claimed goods are installed in such a way that normal access to them is not possible,
    - other defects that may have arisen as a result of damage to or contamination of the product during construction work (damage to fans, control electronics, heat exchanger fins, grilles, etc.),
    - the electrical wiring of the product has not been carried out in accordance with paragraph 5 and damage has occurred to individual control elements,'
    - the complaint is about the noise level of the convectors, the product is structurally inappropriate or the fans are dirty,
    - normal wear and tear caused by the operation and use of the product,
    - products that were not designed for a humid environment but have nevertheless been operated in one,
    - the claimed dimensions of the cover grilles are within the specified manufacturing tolerances,
    - the slats of the wooden grilles show colour variations due to the nature of the natural material,
    - wooden grilles exposed to a humid environment or to water,
    - the point loads of the wooden grilles were more than 55kg,
    - wooden bench tops showing colour variations due to the nature of the natural material,
    - wooden bench tops made of beech or oak exposed to a damp environment or water,
    - the damage was caused by transport to the contracted customer or to an end user, and the customer does not indicate this fact in the delivery note of our contracted carrier.
  11. As a condition for accepting a claim, the claimant must initiate the claim procedure with the LICON contract dealer within the warranty period and without delay, or directly with LICON in the case of direct purchase of goods, and indicate the defect in the product. The defective features or the defects manifested must be identified or described and the method of rectification requested must be indicated, see points 8 and 9.
  12.  Where a service technician detects and repairs defects not covered by the warranty (post-warranty service, installation), the work undertaken by the service technician will be paid for by the purchaser, on the basis of the current tariff.
  13. In the event that the complaint is not recognized as legitimate, the complainant agrees to pay the costs incurred by the service technician according to the current price list of the service company.
  14. Any legal disputes shall be settled in accordance with Czech law. The Czech law will be applied even where the other party is a subject of another state.
  15. In the event of a post-warranty service requirement, please contact the LICON sales department at the following email address:

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