KORALINE with board

BENCH CONVECTORS with natural convection 

Bench convector with wooden board withstands static load without problems and is also suitable for sitting. Verified smart connection of the design, heat output and function is ideal not only for halls or conservatory, but also for office buildings and public centres.

Version Economic LDE  galvanised steel plate casing, painted in RAL 9016 - white
Version Exclusive  LDX galvanised stainless-steel casing, AISI 316, painted in RAL 9016 - white
Height 300, 450 mm
Width 265, 315 mm
Length   1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 mm
Output from 721 to 3525 W
Max. operating pressure 1,2 MPa
Max. operating temperature 110 °C
Max. surface temperature 40 °C
Connecting thread inner G 1/2“
Connection method bottom (recommended), side
Cover panel design wood – beech, oak, American walnut
ΔT = 50 °C Length [mm] Temperature exponent
1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000
265 300 721 934 1147 1360 1573 1786 1.429
315 450 1483 1891 2300 2708 3117 3525 1.3864

Standard supply content

1 wooden board as requested

2 galvanised steel or stainless-steel casing, class AISI 316 painted in RAL 9016 - white

3 side connection cover

4 axial thermostatic valve 425, thread M 30 × 1,5

5 extension piece 425  

6 Al/Cu heat exchanger with low water content, air vent, and vertically shaped slats for higher heat output

7 bracket for finished floor



Optional accessories

​*cover wooden board – beech, oak or American walnut

​*other colour of the casing according RAL colour chart     



If the cover board is made of American walnut, the bench convector may be installed even in a wet environment – swimming pools, conservatory etc.


From the length of 1 600 mm, bench convectors KORALINE with board are supplied with a central support.


Height 300 mm
Width  265 mm


LD 300-265

Height  450 mm
Width  315 mm

LD 450-315

 COVER BOARD VARIANTS   -  Wooden boards are painted with non-toxic transparent lacquer.





American walnut 



Assembly procedure
Fix the brackets to the floor (see assembly manual for mounting dimensions). Install the heat exchanger on top of the brackets and connect it to the water system. Cover with the casing and fix to the brackets. For detail information see the assembly manual. For correct function and maximum output, heat units must be filled after assembly with heating medium and properly bled.

Bench convectors with a board for wet environment

Convectors designed for use at wet areas must be kept clean and washed with clean water on a regular basis. For a wet environment, we suggest the version Exclusive, with a cover panel made of American walnut.

Attention! Boards are made from natural materials. Therefore, minor variations in colour can occure. The supplier cannot fully guarantee the colours displayed and accept claims due to eventual colour variations. After installing, the board is fixed on sides to prevent undesirable movement.

Fastening of KORALINE LD with board to a finished floor:

Upevnění KORALINE LD čistá podlaha

Bottom connection

Width    300 mm
Height   265 mm

Spodní připojení LD 300_265

Width    450 mm
Height   315 mm

Spodní připojení LD 450_315 

LICON - Assembly instruction KORALINE LDAssembly inctruction KORALINE with wooden board    

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