Trench heaters for damp environment PKBOC

• used for heating
• provided with water drain and dividing partition
• high heat output
• low noise even in max. rpm
• possibility of control through BMS (Building Management System)
• special warranty and installation conditions
• recommended to fit with aluminium grid
• supplied only with the InPool design
• the convector is intended for damp environment (i.e. indoor swimming pools, winter gardens)

Swimming pool floor convectors with forced convection Licon PKBOC 11/34 InPool                        FV POOL 11_34 BOK                                    

width including the U/F type frame (mm) 344U/374F
floor case width (mm)


grid width (mm) 332
max. adjustable height (H max. mm) 123-150
case depth (mm) 115
length (L mm) 800 up to 2 800 (at 400 mm steps)
exchanger height (mm) 50
exchanger width (mm) 120
exchanger effective length (mm) L - 350
fans impeller diameter (mm) 40
connection to the heating system 2× G 1/2" inner
case material  stainless steel AISI 316
Width                           34                        
Depth                            11                        
Total length cm tem.expo.   80       120       160       200       240       280    
Speed switch position     Off 1 2 3 Off 1 2 3 Off 1 2 3 Off 1 2 3 Off 1 2 3 Off 1 2 3
Noisiness – acoustic pressure 1m
dB(A)   0 16,1 23,6 30,5 0 16,4 21,1 30,9 0 16,7 24,4 31,1 0 17,2 25 31,4 0 17,4 25,1 31,7 0 17,7 25,3 31,7
Power input: W/V     5,5/12-24       11/12-24       12/12-24       20/12-24       22,5/12-24       23,5/12-24    
Heat output t1°C                                                  
PKBOC  11/34 75/65/20 m=1,1 166 538 710 875 298 1016 1340 1653 430 1345 1774 2107 562 1972 2602 3209 694 2205 2910 3589 826 2342 3091 3812

Standard delivery contains


  • stainless steel case (stainless steel AISI 316)
  • AI/Cu heat exchanger with low water content, air vent and uniquely shaped lamellas for a higher heat output
  • separated group of low-energy fans
  • drainage holes, including a separation barrier for trapping leaking in water
  • connecting terminal (F Box)
  • exchanger temperature switch
  • side covering metal sheets in the case colour
  • anodized Al frame, U profile, in the natural aluminium colour
  • a pair of stainless-steel elastic hoses for easy connection
  • chipboard cover plate protecting the heat exchanger from dust and dirt on building site
  • approx. 25 mm height adjustment screws to compensate the uneven floors and an fixing anchor fastening flag for securing to the ground
  • the unit is packed in a durable packaging and contains an installation manual

Optional accessories

  • anodized Al frame, F profile (see sketch)
  • colour of the anodized Al frame – natural aluminium, light and dark bronze in the F profile or light or dark bronze in the U profile
  • shut off valves, thermostatic valve head or thermoelectric drive
  • cover plate with increased rigidity


  • Standard supply does not include the regulation. The regulation must be ordered separately in accordance with the technical parameters.
  • Electrical regulation and regulation elements 
  • Regulation is identical for all OC convectors
Caution: Floor convector PKBOC InPool with forced convection must be positioned
so as to prevent even short term flooding of the section fitted with the engine and the fans.

Profiles of aluminium frames

Standard design – U frame

               U RÁMEČEK                                U rámeček

Standard PK design contains silver U profile. Profile colour is equal with grid colour, for other colours.

Selectable version – F frame

   F RÁMEČEK               F rámeček

When the selectable frame F is ordered, it is attached separately to convector (not installed on convector). Frame colours are identical with aluminium grid colours.

Swimming pool floor convectors with forced convection

Licon PKBOC 11/34 InPool




* In case of floor convector PKBOC 11/34 InPool the linear floor grid could not be manufactured as a standard product. Previous consultation is necessary and if possible the convector case is adapted.

Convector installation – construction part Licon PKOC

Convector installation – construction recommendations Several general principles must be fulfilled to ensure proper functioning of the convector.
• A properly installed element has the exchanger located further away from the window.
• It is recommended to use the standard stainless-steel hoses with stainless-steel jacketing which always form a part of the delivery (unless recommended otherwise) for interconnecting the exchanger and the distributing pipeline. In practice they provide a better access under the heat exchanger without having to dismantle the heating system, e.g. during cleaning.
• We recommend connecting the heating system with the use of stop valves and a thermostatic valve.
• Always connect the supply of the heat-carrying medium to the heat exchanger's pipe that is further away from the fan. In case of the 34 cm width the OR-J3 heat exchanger is used; the heatcarrying medium enters through one pipe and leaves through another one.
• The PKWOC exchanger is a four pipe unit; one circuit feeds the heating circuit and the other one the cooling circuit.
• Properly installed convector is laid horizontally with the convector's case edges intact and not bent to ensure correct function of the walkable grid and the bleeding of the exchanger possible.
• Correctly installed convector's decorative frame is at the floor level with a margin of +2 mm.
• We recommend to keep the cover plate on the convector for the entire duration of the building work to prevent any dirt falling inside the convector. The standard plate is not walkable, but a plate with increased load bearing capacity can be ordered.
• The fans set is held down to the convector's case using magnets. In case of the stainless steel version the set of fans will be mounted using dry zips. This system allows you to remove the fans from the convector during the installation to avoid their damage or soiling, etc. They can be easily taken out for cleaning also during standard operation.
•The floor convector must be firmly set in the floor. The setting screws are only used for horizontal levelling of the convector case.
• Before concreting the convector must be fixed to the floor using anchoring screws that will prevent vertical shifting of the convector during subsequent pouring of concrete. When the concrete is poured the convector can be loaded vertically. During concreting the convector must be cross-braced to prevent deformation of the case. When pouring other material (e. g. anhydride) seal thoroughly all openings of the convector to prevent it from flooding.
• The convector's PKBOC setting screw consists of a flag used as a ground anchor. This type does not contain anchors.
• We recommend the fixing and sound proof insulation to be done in such a way that will allow a thin concrete to be poured to the convector's bottom and its sides. Optimal noise reduction is achieved by direct embedding of the convector in concrete.
• Installing the fan convector in free space can result in increased noise, therefore we recommend to order a case with noise absorbing foil.
• Installation into double layer floors is described later.
• Cooled convectors (PKIOC, PKWOC) have built-in as standard a water (condensate) drain. During the installation do not forget to interconnect the case at the bottom of the convector with a pipeline with guaranteed gradient for wastewater or condensate removal. We recommend to equip the drain with an odour trap.
• Convectors PKBOC are intended for use in swimming pool areas. The separation barrier is used to capture water from the pool, but cannot serve as the standard pool water overflow. This part is always placed closer to the pool. The heating part with the exchanger and fans must be always further away from the pool. The convector is provided with drainage holes in each corner, 2×. Installation, operation and maintenance of this equipment require special conditions. Please read them thoroughly on our website or in the manual.

Caution: Floor convector PKBOC with forced convection must be positioned so as to prevent even short term flooding of the section fitted with the motor and the fans.

Possibilities of convector incorporation by floor types

  1. Installation by embedding in concrete
  2. Installation in low double floor
  3. Installation in raised double floor

Dimensions of the mounting holes

Weights and water volumes

Type 11/34
stainless steel kg/1 linear meter 10,75
l/1 linear meter 0,4

 Assembly instruction Regulace_24V
Assembly instruction PM
Assembly instruction PKBOC
Connection diagram
Regulation and acoustics
Ordering codes PKBOC

12-V convector regulation - termination of sale
Starting from March 2020 we terminate production and sale of 12-V convector regulation. This type of regulation can by fully replaced by 24-V version. This regulation is safe and fulfills  all requirements and functions  our convectors demand.
Thank you for your understanding.

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