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Wooden grilles are manufactured using natural wood – beech, oak and mahogany. Wooden grilles are suitable for rooms with laminate or solid wood flooring.

For wooden roll-up models, each slat is connected by springs and spacers. Roll-up wooden grilles are supplied without surface treatment. Where lacquered wooden grilles are
required, each slat is impregnated with semi-glass colourless alkyd urethane varnish, designed to give a durable gloss coating of wood and exterior wooden fittings.

Grilles are manufactured from natural materials and as such minor variations in colour are inevitable, inevitable as well as dimensional changes caused by ambient temperature and humidity fluctuation.

Drevene mrizky - profil

Roll-up model

Drevene mrizky - rolovaci provedeni_1    Drevene mrizky - rolovaci provedeni_1

Grilles are manufactured from natural materials and as such minor variations in colour are inevitable.

InformaceThe grille can be rolled up for easier handling.                  Informace     Mahogany grilles are available on special request. Prices and delivery times specified on request.


Code PM-xx/14 PM-xx/16 PM-xx/20 PM-xx/26 PM-xx/32 PM-xx/34 PM-xx/40
Width - nett (mm) 128 148 188 248 308 328 388

Tolerance +0–1.5 mm. Code width is derived from trench heater width.

Grille airflow

alu wood steel stainless Thin  Cross
63% 55% 60% 60% 63% 58%

Load bearing capacity

     Grafy PM

In load bearing capacity testing, grille slats are placed on two supports and weighed down in centre.
For wooden slats, values are given up to the fracture point of the first fibre. Metal slats are measured up to the point of irreversible deflection.

Decorative frames are available as standard in aluminium with silver, dark bronze or light bronze elox finishes. Frames may also be lacquered (powder coated) using colours from the RAL colour chart. Frames are in every case supplied as a component of trench heaters, and the type required must be specified when ordering in the Order Code. Where trench heaters are finished with a hem, the hem is of the same material as the casing.

U-frame - standard

F-frame - optional

rámeček U rámeček F


Example order code: PM-100/26-B040

Floor grille, length 100 cm, width 26 cm, natural beech with light spacers, for single trench heater without alteration. Grille measurement given in the order code corresponds with the measurement of the respective trench heater. Nett dimension of the grille is available upon request.

Floor Grille   Length/Width (cm)   Grille material Grille Colour Spacer type Grille ending type
P M - 100/26 - B 0 4 0






B beech

D oak

M mahagony (dark spacers only)

0 natural

1 lacquered

4 light

2 dark (only mahogany)

0 grille for single trench heater

1 grille for trench heater with lowered face - input side

2 grille for trench heater with lowered face - opposite input side

3 grille for trench heater with both sides lowered

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