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Prior to accepting orders for design (atypical) trench heaters, the manufacturer must assess the feasibility of the project. Heat outputs cannot be guaranteed, but the manufacturer will carry out a professional heat output estimate on request.


Length max. 3 000 mm
Module depth 70, 90, 110, 130, 150, 190 mm
Design width 140, 160, 200, 260, 320, 340, 400 mm
Casing material Galvanized steel casing, RAL 9005 black lacquered
Frame Alu U-frame (silver, light and dark bronze elox) nebo lakován dle vzorníku RAL
Grille roll-up, aluminium (silver, light and dark bronze elox), wood, steel and stainless steel nebo lakován dle vzorníku RAL

Angled design

For all shapes, including curved designs, the following must be specified: angle (α), inner radius (r) or outer radius (R) and the total width (W) corresponding to trench heater widths manufactured. Grilles must be ordered together with design trench heaters.

Curved parts

The minimum inner radius of curved parts must be greater than 2 000 mm. When fitting aliminium grilles to curved parts, the slats will be T-profiles set on springs (see picture) and using a U-frame. (Due to construction reasons, F-frames cannot be fitted to curved trench heaters.)

Informace  When ordering, please fill in the special product form. Product form is available at Enquiry form for production of specific convector, floor grid  


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