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Universal use – heating and light-cooling!
Developed for low-temperature heating systems, high performance is guaranteed even at very low temperature gradients. Ideal for installations, where the heat source is a heat pump system or condensing boiler. Suitable also as an additional heat source for floor heating, especially in the transitional periods of the year or for rapid increase of room temperature. In summer they can be used to cool the room without causing condensation (drycooling). All these advantages are provided while maintaining the benefits of forced convection, ie. maximum performance with silent fan operation and low power consumption.
• designed for heating or dry-cooling
• high efficiency even at low temperature gradients
• patent-protected technical solution
• efficient, silent fans with low power consumption
• identical electric regulation as the KORALINE OLOC free-standing convector
• two-pipe system
• right-side bottom connection
• compatible with BMS (Building Management System)
• suitable solely for dry environments
KORAWALL OKIOC  coated in RAL 9016 (white) zinc galvanised steel
Height (mm) 450
Depth (mm) 106
Length (Lmm) 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000
Max. working pressure (MPa) 1.2
Max. working temperature [°C] 110
Max. surface temperature [°C] 40
Exchanger height (mm)  240
Exchanger width (mm) 100
Fans' impeller diameter (mm)  60
Connection to the heating system inner G 1/2“
Connection method  recommended bottom connection, right
ΔT = 50 °C Length [mm] Temperature exponent
Switch position 750 1000 1250 1500 1750 2000
110 450 Off 270 540 720 810 990 1170 1,062
110 450 1 823 1646 2195 2469 3018 3566 1,062
110 450 2 1093 2186 2915 3279 4008 4736 1,062
110 450 3 1385 2770 3693 4155 5078 6002 1,062

Standard contents

• galvanized RAL 9016 white lacquered steel casing including perforated grille
• AI/Cu heat exchanger with low water content, bleed valve and uniquely shaped fins
• set of low-energy fans
• terminal block (F Box)
• wall brackets
• durable packaging, installation instructions​

Optional accessories

• other RAL colour chart lacquers available. Please consult with our staff prior to ordering.
• thermostatic valve and other regulation accessories


  • Standard supply does not include the regulation. The regulation must be ordered separately in      accordance with the technical parameters.
  • Electrical regulation and regulation elements 
  • Regulation is identical for all OC convectors
KORAWALL OKIOC 45/11 Weights and water volumes
KORAWALL-rez koty

TYP                                45/11

kg /1 bm                        18,2

l / 1 bm                            1,4

Weights shown not inlcuding packaging. 

Convectors installation – construction recommendations OKIOC

• Wall-mounted convectors should be installed on a peripheral wall, 10 cm above the floor.
• Hot water supply must be connected to the upper pipe, we recommend installing a lockshield and thermostatic valve. (Where the cooling mode is needed – consult the designer.)
• Fans should be installed into the convectors after all building works have been completed. All components must be well protected against dirt. Regular maintenance, including cleaning of fans and exchangers – must be carried out.
• Installation procedure: First the wall brackets are fixed to the wall. The exchanger is placed onto these and connected to the heating system. Before connecting we recommend checking the correct positioning of the exchanger and fittings in relation to the casing.

KORAWALL OKIOC with design front panel
KORAWALL OKIOC wall-mounted convectors display a significant design element on the front panel, repeated on longer convectors. A single pattern appears on convectors 75, 100 and 125 cm in length, two patterns on lengths of 150 and 175 cm, and three on lengths of 200 cm.



Easily removable casing for better access to the heat exchanger (for instance for easier cleaning).

Assembly instructions KORAWALL WI 

Anchoring diagram

KORAWALL WI - schema ukotveni

Assembly electrical part

• Regulation is identical for wall-mounted convectors, free-standing convectors and trench heaters with forced convection.
• We recommend equipping KORAWALL OKIOC with thermoelectric actuators.
• A power supply must be available near the convector. For more details see the Installation instructions provided.

12-V convector regulation - termination of sale
Starting from March 2020 we terminate production and sale of 12-V convector regulation. This type of regulation can by fully replaced by 24-V version. This regulation is safe and fulfills  all requirements and functions  our convectors demand.
Thank you for your understanding.


Example order code: OKIOC-100/45/11-1001-RT

KORAWALL OKIOC convector, length 100 cm, height 45 cm, width 11 cm, galvanized RAL9016 white lacquered steel, counter-flow (non-lacquered), standard electrical regulation


wall-mounted convectors with forced convection

  Length/Height/Width (cm)  

Casing colour

Cover grille finish

Heat exchanger   Type of
OKIOC - 100/45/11 - 1 00 - RT





1 galvanized RAL9016
white lacquered steel
9 other RAL colour
chart lacquer*

00 Perforated grid

1 counter-flow,
  RT standard

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